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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I recently caught the new CLAUDE CHABROL film, A GIRL CUT IN TWO.  I'm a big Chabrol fan and it puts a smile on my face to see the guy still making movies as he approaches 80.  His newest release isn't his best, but is still solid, examining themes familiar to his filmography while still not feeling stale.  The guy's still got his chops as a director and this effort is far better than late films made by, say ANTONIONI or JULES DASSIN, whose (early-to-mid) work I also enjoy. 

IMHO, Chabrol hasn't been given his due.  He was right there with GODARD and TRUFFAUT, when the French New Wave started (in fact, he preceded them and funded the movies of many of his peers.)  The guy has literally been making movies non-stop since he first picked up a camera (his credits list over 60) and so many of them are just wonderful.  Much like the way the writing in CAHIERS DU CINEMA, raised the stock and opinion of certain Hollywood genre filmmakers, I predict Chabrol will ultimately be recognized as an artist greater than his current reputation.

Chabrol frequently attacks the bourgeoise in his films, and AGCIT doesn't let up the assault.  The story is about a very attractive girl being pursued by two very different suitors, both of whom have serious flaws.  In that regard, it's sort of like SHOP GIRL, except here, niether of the two suitors have arcs in which they change into someone more mate-worthy, which I find that both more realistic and interesting to watch. However, the real interesting thing is the unusual and massive career of Chabrol as a whole. 



Posted at 08:30 am by jmachinder

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