Entry: MOVIES/SEARCH ENGINES Saturday, July 05, 2008

I saw "Wanted" earlier this week.  I didn't like it for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which was the overstated character arc.  These days, it seems like It's not enough for a character to begin as a loser who has to take the journey of the movie in order to realize his potential... he's got to be a complete loser.  Moverover, the way that he escapes his loserness is often very reactive - through other people telling him over and over again that he's "special" (see Harry Potter).  Personally, I prefer characters who are told their goals are impossible, don't listen to those voices and go on to conquer. 

But anyway, back to the point.  At the beginning of the story - in order to show you just how pathetic Wesley Gibson is (the lead character in "Wanted") - he Googles himself and gets no results.  Really?  As far as I can tell, that's not possible.  The results might not be him, but there's going to be Wesley Gibsons out there.  And he doesn't even do the search with quotation marks around it.  So if someone had blogged about a hypothetical fight between WESLEY Crusher and Mel GIBSON (as I'm sure someone in the blogospher has) there'd be a result for it.  I don't know why Google would lend their name to this film.  Although it's a big, successful movie, they come across as a useless search engine. 

For the record, in our universe, when you put quotes around "Wesley Gibson" and do a Google search, you get about 106,000 results.  When you don't use quotes, you get about 3.35 million.   


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