Entry: CAT FOOD Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our cat is getting older.  She's still in good health, but she doesn't have a whole lot of teeth left.  The vet told us that her teeth weren't in good shape several years back and his solution was that I brush them for her.  And the thing was he acted like it wasn't a big deal.  "It just needs to be once a day," he said.   My life is already filled with too many day-to-day tasks and the idea of having to add feline teeth brushing on to my daily "to do" list wasn't something that I was going to pretend would ever happen.  In a world where self-cleaning ovens exist, it just seemed ridiculous to me that I had to brush my cat's teeth.  So I didn't and her teeth got worse.  That's life, kitty. 

Another way that I tried to make my day simpler was to feed the cat dry food.  The world of dry food has a much lower level of mantainance for pet owners than wet food and, again, anything that makes my day even a little bit easier is something I will fight for.  But as my cat's teeth got worse, chewing dry food became more and more of a problem which resulted in her throwing up.  Gradually, cleaning up cat vomit became part of my daily routine - or perhaps I should say part of my "nightly routine" as her puke time was about 2:30 AM, almost on the nose.   The problem was solved with a switch to wet food - something she had never experienced before.  And while my life has become a bit worse than the good old dry-food-days that were free of that pungent wet food smell and having to clean crusty residue of once-wet food from the cat dish, her life has become significantly better.  She'd never even known that something as delicious as wet food even existed before and she must be relishing in the fact that it doesn't make her puke.  The meows preceding meal time have become significantly louder, the rubs against my legs more forceful and although feeding her is more of a chore than it used to be, I'll take the world of wet pet food over brushing my cat's teeth any day of the week.     


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July 13, 2008   04:50 PM PDT
Brushing your cat's teeth would be the hardest thing ever. And flossing? Fogettaboutit.

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